Not so single Mum

I stopped writing. Well, I stopped writing here. It's incredibly egotistical to presume anyone noticed but I just thought I'd address it. It wasn't a choice or a decision really, as with so many other aspects of my life, it just sort of trickled away from me. I got jobs, lots of them. I got … Continue reading Not so single Mum


Help! I stopped reading the manual

I am behind in my Mummy homework. As if I don't have enough to already feel like I'm failing at. At some point, and I couldn't tell you exactly when, I relaxed. Beware the relaxed and chilled out Mummy, there is almost certainly something she has forgotten to do. This feeling of dread, guilt and … Continue reading Help! I stopped reading the manual


Ah boobs. Breasticles, fun bags, jubblies, fun pillows, lady lumps, and apparently the controversial source of all our power. Recently, in case you missed it, an elected politician came out and said that a woman breastfeeding was akin to exhibitionism. Now I'm paraphrasing a little there but the fact was that he opened his mouth … Continue reading BOOBS!